How Can You Help?

Our outreach efforts are fueled by Jesus' mandate under the New Covenant that we show our love for Him by caring for one another.  Based on His conversation with Simon Peter in John 21:15-17, "...If you love me, feed my sheep..." we exhibit our love for Christ by providing for the needs of others without judgement or fanfare.  "Agape" is the highest form of love in the original Greek text of the New Testament; and though we may never fully reach such a level of Godliness, we strive to be a place where love is not conditional, circumstances are not judged, and help is always available.  

we serve

Donate food items

The Way Columbia provide meals to the homeless and under-served community in downtown Columbia every 2nd and 4th Sunday immediately following our worship service.  For each meal, we accept donations of both prepared dishes and unprepared ingredients.  Sign up on Sundays to donate and bring your donation to the Columbia campus by the Thursday prior to our scheduled service day.

Make a financial donation 

No time to shop?  Simply indicate on your offering envelope what portion of your giving amount should go to "Outreach" or when giving online, indicate the amount of your financial gift to be designated for "Outreach" in the Comments section.

Volunteer your time & presence 

 Join The Way volunteers on location at the Sumter St Transit Station for meal sharing by contacting us at for specific dates and times of service each month.